The judicial investigation of the former head of the Military Counter-Intelligence Directorate of the canceled Ministry of National Security (MTN), Major General Nizami Shirinov, the former heads of departments within the agency, Eljan Abdullayev and Elman Tahirov, and the former operational commissioner, Nadir Nazirov, has been completed.

APA reports that state prosecutor Orkhan Samadov spoke at the meeting chaired by judge Jamal Ramazanov at the Baku Military Court.

The prosecutor demanded that Nizami Shirinov be sentenced to 12 years, Eljan Abdullayev and Nadir Tahirov to 11 years, and that the criminal case against Elman Tahirov be terminated due to the expiration of the term of the criminal case against him.

Eljan Abdullayev and Nadir Tahirov, who were released on bail, should be arrested from the courtroom.

Confiscation of the seized properties of the accused persons was also mentioned in the speech.

It should be noted that 182.3.2 of the Nizami Shirinov Criminal Code (extortion by threats in aggravating circumstances), 193-1.3.2 (legalization of money or other property obtained through crime), 311.3.4 (taking bribes in aggravating circumstances) and other articles, Elcan Abdullayev, Elman Tahirov and Nadir Nazirov were involved as accused persons under 341.2.1, 341.2.3 (abuse of official authority or exceeding official authority) and other articles of that Code.