Rosamund Kwan was once "the first beauty in Hong Kong".

(File photo, European News Agency)

[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Hong Kong actress Kwan Zhilin has a dazzling appearance. She used to be "the first beauty in Hong Kong". She celebrated her 60th birthday on the 24th. The years have not left much traces on her. Recently, some Chinese netizens visited the flea market I was shocked to see her because she was so beautiful.

Guan Zhilin (left) is visiting a flea market in France. She looks very good with light makeup.

(reproduced from Weibo)

Guan Zhilin went to Paris a few days ago to visit a flea market and was blocked by Chinese netizens. She was quite a good person to take a photo with. Although she looked plump, she was still very beautiful. It seemed that she only had light makeup, which could not stop her good skin and complexion. Netizens exclaimed "The temperament is really invincible."

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