The sad and sometimes scary (if with pictures) story of Jocelyn Wildenstein began more than thirty years ago, when she, in order to become like a cat and thus keep her husband, a millionaire who loved cats, dared to change the cut of her eyes to a more feline one .

Jocelyn Wildenstein, 2002 / Photo: Getty Images

Then, with the help of implants, Jocelyn increased the cheekbones and chin, greatly increased the lips, which were later slightly reduced.

In the process of working on her own appearance, the woman did lose her husband, but received a lot of his money after the exhausting divorce process.

Then Jocelyn's appearance continued to change, but, it is worth admitting, it did not get worse.

Even on the contrary, it can be said that lately the cat woman does not look so scary anymore and her face, which has changed beyond recognition, has practically not been affected by age changes.

Which gives hope that plastic surgery and cosmetology are not standing still.

Jocelyn Wildenstein, 2000 / Photo: Getty Images

This can be judged from the photos of Jocelyn Wildenstein, taken in mid-September at Fashion Week in New York.

Jocelyn Wildenstein, September 2022 / Photo: Getty Images

The 82-year-old socialite attended the Fendi show.

In most of the photos, Jocelyn looks good and poses with her boyfriend, 55-year-old fashion designer Lloyd Klein.

Jocelyn Wildenstein / Photo: Getty Images

But photo editing programs are developing even faster than plastic surgery.

You can make sure of this by looking at Jocelyn Wildenstein's photo on her Instagram.

View this post to Instagram

JOCELYNE WILDENSTEIN (@jocelynewildenstein)

View this post to Instagram

JOCELYNE WILDENSTEIN (@jocelynewildenstein)

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