[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Senior media person Zhou Yukou today (28) said through her "Fangyan Technology Media" that she will suspend the hosting of the TV program "Spicy News 152" and the radio program "News Firecrackers" from now on. October 10.

Former anchor Xiao Yifen revealed that former father-in-law Xu Shuide once described Zhou Yukou in one sentence.

Xiao Yifen and Xu Yihong (right) divorced in 2010.

(File photo, photo by reporter Chen Yiquan)

Xiao Yifen's ex-husband is Xu Yihong, the eldest son of the Kuomintang leader Xu Shuide. Today she writes about Zhou Yukou, "I'm sorry to spend some time with my late father-in-law, but I still remember that his old man once said, "Zhou Yukou was mistaken by men!" How to calculate this emotional debt? Only Sister Coco understands it in her heart."

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Xiao Yifen wrote that after the divorce, she and Zhou Yuko met on official business, and Zhou Yuko told her that at that time, in front of the five-star hotel in Beijing, there were all young women with Hermes brand bags.

Thinking that she should be able to make a breakthrough in the Chinese elite, she sighed and said to her, "You are too honest, can you be happy like this?"

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