Lin Zhanzhenmei (left) is a resident of the Huanshan tribe.

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[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung report] The 59th Golden Horse Awards announced the nominees yesterday (27) days. The movie "Ha Yong's Family" was shortlisted for 6 categories including best drama, director, supporting actress, and new actor. It is the most popular this year. One of the most notable films, "Hayong's Family" tells the story of a three-generation family of the Atayal tribe in a high mountain.

Lin Zhanzhenmei, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, is a resident of the Huanshan tribe. The Heping District Office of Taichung City also congratulated Lin Zhanzhenmei on Facebook today for her natural acting skills, which were affirmed by the judges.

The story of "Hayong Family" tells the story of how a family of three generations in the Atayal tribe came into conflict over values ​​such as elections and foreign cultures.

The film shows that "every family has a scripture that is difficult to read" is the theme of world synaesthesia, and you can feel the special breath of life through the film.

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Sister Lin Zhanzhen said happily that she acted in the mood to try it out. When she was acting, she listened to the director's speech, which was very similar to what she had experienced before, so she played it out.

She has decided to dress up, possibly wearing Atayal attire to the ceremony.

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