[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] Zhang Yaoren and Ge Yingxuan, who is titled "PTT Special Goddess", collaborated on the new drama "Who Said Mommy Is Like the Moon". The two were interviewed a few days ago, and both admitted that the pressure of working with director Wang Xiaodi was not small, Zhang Yaoren revealed During the shooting process, he was often NG, and at most, he had NG nearly 20 times in one scene. He said that he was sorry to the staff. He also admitted that he was often scolded by Mr. Wang Xiaodi on the set, which made him quite unforgettable.

Ge Yingxuan plays a sentimental woman in the play.

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Zhang Yaoren said that Wang Xiaodi most often said "Kaka Kaka" to him on the set, and then he would shout "Yao, Ren", he would know that he did not perform well, and quickly sorted out his emotions for the next time.

He also revealed that Wang Xiaodi is an educational actor who is both kind and generous. After scolding him very harshly, he went to find him in private, and his attitude suddenly changed and he said in a kind tone: "Yao Ren, you always Think about it every shot, don’t NG so many times, go back and think about it, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.” He was encouraged and shouted about his confidence, but he was still scolded when he went to the studio the next day. Looking at all this positively, "Failures are setbacks, and this is growth."

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Zhang Yaoren revealed that during the filming process, he was often NG, and at most he had NG nearly 20 times in one scene.

(Provided by MyVideo)

Ge Yingxuan also shared that she was filming a scene where she rushed out of the house in a panic, but because she was born as a graphic model, the corners of her mouth would always rise unconsciously, resulting in an expression that did not match her emotions. She NG four or five times in a row. Wang Xiaodi roared outside the door on the spot: "Yingxuan, don't laugh anymore!" Ge Yingxuan said with lingering fear: "I was even more nervous. At that time, I was really nervous to the point where I couldn't shoot, but fortunately it was finished in the end." She also previewed the plot of the play. Quite tear-jerking, "I am not a crybaby myself, but I really cried from the beginning to the end in this drama, and it also opened up a path for me to cry."

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