Xiaozhen believes that as long as there is no affair between husband and wife, it can be solved easily.

Artist Xiao Zhen and "Fashen" Wu Yilin attended the presentation of the MOROCCANOIL body care series on the 27th. The two thin and successful people have become the best spokespersons. Wu Yilin admitted that he has been a little fat man in the past for 15 years. Every day, no matter how tired They continued to massage and stretch, and finally became what they are today. Therefore, massage props were launched and sold in the market. Xiaozhen is the best representative of sports and slimming. She revealed that she uses cream and maintenance oil to massage her body every day. It has become a daily ritual. In addition, she will do a full-body exfoliation from the scalp, face to the body once a month, and she is quite proud of her moist and bright body skin.

Xiao Zhen (left) and Wu Yilin attended the MOROCCANOIL body care series activities together today (27).

Wu Yilin, who has been single for a long time, revealed that when she visited the MOROCCANOIL head office in Israel, she encountered a lot of romantic encounters. After returning to China, she still kept in touch with one or two of the boys. She smiled and said, "My cuisine is very special, I like it very much. Guys who have a sense of weight and have stomachs don’t like muscular guys.” She admitted that she had been in a cross-border relationship for four years in the past, and it was too tiring and exhausting. "She is now more cautious and considers more, such as the other party's marital status, financial ability, etc., "I used to be at a disadvantage, but now I know more and more what I want", Xiaozhen also echoed: " Of course, when you are in a relationship, you want your other half to be by your side, otherwise what are you doing in a relationship?”

Xiao Zhen revealed that she uses cream and maintenance oil to massage her whole body every day.

A few days ago, the good sister Pei Zhen started a live broadcast on the Internet and complained that she and her husband Wang Zuoxuan had been married for 14 years. Xiaozhen was asked how Pei Zhen was feeling now?

Xiao Zhen explained Pei Zhen's personality in three words, "very girly!" She smiled and said, "This is also very good. After marrying for so many years, I still hope that my husband is by my side and that I can still retain the girl's heart. I hope that the two People sticking and kicking are also a symbol of good feelings.”

Xiaozhen said rationally that no one would actually want to work abroad for so long, but what made her angry was that many netizens commented on Pei Zhen's "husband is going to make money for you to spend, and he has to cry over there", Xiaozhen is angry Said: "We know that Pei Zhen doesn't need her husband to support her, all she wants is company." She can understand that even so, there will still be career pressure for boys, but she also thinks that the relationship between husband and wife "as long as it's not an affair, it's fine. solve".

MOROCCANOI extends the items from hair products to body cleaning and maintenance series.

MOROCCANOIL has launched a body care series from across the border of hair products. The whole series includes exfoliating, cleansing, moisturizing products and OIL argan oil extreme series. The products contain argan oil, which is known as "liquid gold". Requires essential fatty acids, etc., provides moisturizing but not greasy skin care, and provides six specially-tuned fragrances, making the maintenance process full of healing and ritual.

MOROCCANOI launched shower gel, hand lotion, body soap.

MOROCCANOIL Premium Oil Moisturizing Cream 200ml/1,500RMB (left); Premium Oil Classic Scrub 200ml/1,550RMB.

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