little girl sitting on the couch with python watching tv

Girl with Python:

A strange video is going viral on social media.

In this, a small girl is watching TV and with her was a 12-foot-long python (12-foot-long python).

If you can't believe it, then you should watch this video posted by LADbible.

Which has been viewed about 5 million times so far.

It is shown in this video that the little girl is watching something on television with great fun.

You can also see the yellow dragon roaming around on the sofa.

The little girl is sitting very comfortably around her with the python and she is not even scared.

The caption of the video reads, 'You will not believe it, but this little girl is completely safe.

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The viral video started a series of comments.

Some people were worried about the safety of the girl child.

At the same time, some people are not able to believe their eyes even after watching the video.

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