Actor "Eason" Huang Yinxuan.

(Photo by reporter Zhong Zhikai)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Male star "Eason" Huang Yinxuan was accused by "Little Sweetness" Zhang Keyun in the "Little Star Big Follower" program, saying that he would drink talisman water every time he went to the show, and even took a double pack The photo album of the fetus actress By2 went around the temple incense burner and went crazy.

Little Sweetie broke the news on the show.

(Provided by Zhongtian Comprehensive Station)

Britney broke the news that Eason would drink talisman water every time in order to have a laugh on the show. Britney even mentioned that Eason was very superstitious: "He has a very perverted behavior. He even used By2's photo album to go around the incense burner!"

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After Britney finished speaking, Eason hurriedly explained: "At that time, I thought their photo album was very beautiful." She felt that she could be friends with the By2 sisters, but Britney felt that Eason's superstitious behavior had troubled her.

Twin actress By2.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

Afterwards, Eason also admitted that he became more and more superstitious after hosting a supernatural show: "I was originally very iron-toothed." And the host Wu Zongxian reminded that everything is trustworthy and not obsessed: "To believe too much in a certain state, life will be chaotic Drop it.” He also reminded the audience that everything is appropriate.

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