Lin Jinli, a professor at the Department of Taiwanese Language and Literature at National Taiwan Normal University, was seconded to take over as the new director of the National Taiwan Literature Museum.

(Provided by the Ministry of Culture) [Reporter Tu Yingru/Taipei Report] The Ministry of Culture announced today (27) that Su Shuobin, the former director of the National Taiwan Literature Museum, will return on October 1 after his secondment expired. Lin Jinli, a professor of Taiwanese language and literature, was seconded to take over.

Minister of Culture Li Yongde thanked Su Shuobin, the former director of the Taiwan Literature Museum, for completing the upgrade of the Taiwan Literature Museum to a third-level institution during his four-year tenure, and committed to using Taiwanese literature as an important medium for social communication and expanding cross-domain cooperation in literature, including setting up "Taiwan Literature". "Literature Base", "Literature Museum Family" connecting local museums, foreign translation of literature, film and television audio and various artistic adaptations of literary works, etc., actively demonstrate the "power of Taiwanese literature".

Lin Jinli, the new director of the Taiwan Literature Museum, is a Ph.D candidate of the Institute of Taiwan Literature, National Cheng Kung University, and a doctoral candidate specializing in Japanese Literature in the Division of Humanities Sciences, Hosei University. He has served as the head of the Department of Taiwanese Language and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University, deputy director of the International Affairs Office, and a researcher at the Netherlands Institute for International Asian Studies.

Li Yongde said that curator Lin Jinli not only majored in Taiwanese literature, but also has an international perspective and experience. He took over the post of director at the moment when the Taiwanese Literature Museum was about to enter its promotion anniversary. The local literature museums deepen the collection, research, and promotion of the works of senior writers, and continue to tell the world more touching stories of Taiwan.

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