The sour and delicious, spicy and refreshing pickled fish has become a new choice for dinner in autumn and winter.

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In addition to its most well-known “Holai Harbour Cafeteria”, Hi-Lai Gourmet & Catering Group also launched a new Chinese cuisine brand “Yu Liu Pickled Cabbage and Fish Specialty Store” in September. The specialty store of sauerkraut and fish dishes is celebrating its opening. On September 30th, there will be a half-price discount for lunch and dinner. The hot and sour flavor is most suitable for eating in autumn and winter.

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"Yu Liu Pickled Cabbage and Fish Specialty Store" introduces the classic Sichuan folk home-cooked dishes. It is optimistic that Taiwanese people love pot, and the spicy and sour taste is the most popular among young people. The Hakka pickled cabbage grown by Yunlin farmers is specially selected, which is crispy and rich in flavor. Aroma, put it in 6% natural vinegar brewed with millet pickled pepper, Chaotian pepper and sorghum, boil it with chicken bones for 2 hours, and make a pot of sauerkraut soup base that is fragrant, numb and spicy.

The protagonist "Fish Piece" is made of snakehead fish with tender meat, delicious taste and high nutritional value. Before serving, the hot "splashing oil" stimulates the sour and spicy taste of sour soup and pepper, which is extremely appetizing. It's the perfect combination with rice!

"Signature Pickled Cabbage Fish" comes with vermicelli, bean curd, white radish, Chinese cabbage, etc. The price is 490 yuan for 1 to 2 people.

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In addition to the signature "Sauerkraut Fish", two kinds of meat dishes are specially designed for customers who love to eat meat, and there are also about 15 selected snacks and dessert drinks. Chicken, "Spicy Finger Bone", a creative and improved version of "Sichuan Pepper Double Flavor Tear-Jerking Egg" presented with cold dishes, crispy and juicy "Crispy Shrimp Roll", and the best dessert after a meal "Brown Sugar Soft Glutinous Rice Cake" ” and “Chen Pi Pear Soup”, offering a la carte and set menus for 2 to 4 people, becoming one of the main new restaurants in the remodeled SOGO Department Store in Kaohsiung.

The pickled cabbage soup base series also offers pork pork belly, beef pork belly, Australian Wagyu beef and other meat options. Pickled beef pork belly is priced at 490 yuan for 1 to 2 people.

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"Sichuan pepper double-flavored tear-jerking egg" is 180 yuan. The preserved egg is mixed with peeled pepper, glutinous rice pepper, onion, drizzled with special pepper and sesame sauce, and sprinkled with crispy fried peanuts. It is a refreshing and appetizing cold dish.

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"Crispy Shrimp Roll" is 170 yuan, with spring roll skin wrapped in fresh shrimp paste, with the chef's special stuffing technique, you can eat a full of shrimp paste with every bite.

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"Steamed Egg with Fish Fillet" is 180 yuan. It is a non-spicy dish, and children can also enjoy it together. The taste is soft and smooth.

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The Sichuan specialty "Brown Sugar Soft Glutinous Rice Cake" is 150 yuan. The red bean filling is wrapped in mochi, deep-fried until the outside is crispy and the inside is soft, sprinkled with peanut powder and brown syrup. The whole is soft and fragrant.

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On the first day of the opening on September 30, there will be half-price discounts on all products for lunch and dinner, limited to 50 groups each; from September 30 to October 2, on the first three days of the opening, when you order the signature pickled cabbage pot series, you can purchase the special American beef and five flowers. , domestic thinly sliced ​​pork belly, slippery special fish fillet, enjoy half price discount, from now until October 31st, check in and get "Tangerine Peel Pear Soup".

"Yu Liu Pickled Cabbage Fish Specialty Store" covers an area of ​​70 ping and has 66 guest seats.

(Photo/Photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)


Yoyo Pickled Cabbage Fish Store

Address: No. 217, Sanduo 3rd Road, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City (SOGO Department Store Kaohsiung Store B1F)

Tel: 07-330-7375

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