The Moon is in Libra until 02:16 on September 28

Libra days are days of harmony.

The receptivity to everything beautiful increases, the sensitivity to all manifestations of rudeness and disharmony increases.

Bad time for business.

It is favorable for new acquaintances, for welcoming guests, for cultural events.

Time to strengthen communication with loved ones, love relationships.

A good period for a truce, for restoring disturbed relations.

People become more peace-loving, subconsciously avoid disputes and conflicts, but tend to be indecisive, filled with hesitation and doubts.

The most vulnerable at the moment are the kidneys, the endocrine system, especially the pancreas.

People with diabetes and pancreatic problems should be especially careful.

After 7:22 p.m., the Moon idles until 02:16 a.m. on September 28.

Lunar calendar: 3 lunar day from 08:43 on September 27 to 09:54 on September 28

The crescent moon is now beginning to be seen.

Symbol of the day is a leopard preparing to jump.

Passivity on this day is dangerous.

Those who are passive in nature become vulnerable on this day and can suffer defeat or be hurt - both physically and mentally.

On this day, aggression is in the air and a person may be subjected to an astral attack.

Disruptions can occur in the astral body.

Set yourself up for self-defense if you don't want to be among the victims.

The internal energy of the body is now particularly strong, you have enough strength for self-defense and for all affairs.

Unused energy can undermine health.

The more energy a person gives off, the more energetic they will feel.

Don't waste your energy on endless and useless reasoning.

Thus, the day will be literally and figuratively wasted.

Any work that is for the good of the family is good.

Consider your actions, do not rush to make promises and do not make important decisions.

Pay attention to the emergence of all good opportunities. 

This is the day of the astral struggle, when it is time to clean your astral to free yourself from negative emotions.

It is favorable to work with the energy field.

It is good to do intense physical exercises.

Move your shoulders, do joint mobility exercises.

If your joints are out of order, then you have stagnation of astral energy.

The astral field represents not only our energy skeleton, but also our emotions, so we need to get rid of those that are negative. 

The digestive system, abdominal cavity, skin are vulnerable.

Stomach colic, stomach pains are possible.

Diseases that started on this day are dangerous, acute and require immediate measures. 

Haircut - Haircut on this day promises a beneficial renewal of energy potential.

The activity of hairs-antennae is stimulated.

If you cut the ends of your hair, it will become more receptive to Akashic signals.

Haircut ensures the flow of money and positive emotions.

Shopping - Making purchases on the 3rd lunar day is highly undesirable.

But if you still decide to buy something, then repeatedly check the quality of the acquired product so that there are no problems later.

Solar calendar - 11th solar day - On this day, it is recommended to do everything easily, quickly, to put the house in order.

Multitask, but don't dwell on just one thing.

Don't be afraid of problems and solve them boldly.

Happiness accompanies adventurers, people who know how to capture the moment.

Good day for artists and creators.