Free early-stage lung cancer screening program for remote villages in southern Penghu, Yunnan, and X-ray tour car set sail in Tainan.

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[Reporter Wang Shuxiu/Tainan Report] In order to increase the lung cancer screening rate of people in remote rural areas, Rotary clubs in the 3470 area of ​​Rotary International donated 2.5 million yuan, and cooperated with Chenggong University School of Medicine and other units to jointly create "Early Lung Cancer Screening - X-ray Cloud, Jia, Nan, and Penghu Remote Townships General Screening Cooperation Project", Mayor Huang Weizhe attended the launch of the X-ray tour car in the second district of Tainan, and it is sure that the tour car will go deep into remote villages to help residents detect cancer early, treat early, and more comprehensively protect the health of citizens .

Zhou Boliang, the 2022-23 annual director of Rotary International 3470, and the presidents of Rotary clubs in the area announced the launch of the X-ray tour.

Yang Liqin, assistant director of Tainan Second Division, said that the tour car service range is in remote areas of Yunnan, Jianan and Penghu. At least 14 sessions are planned by the end of October. In order to increase the lung cancer screening rate of people in Tainan Second Division, the service targets are as follows: Most of the people are over 50 years old, and screening services have been provided to 300 people on the sailing day.

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The X-ray tour car for the second district of Tainan was held at Zhongshan Junior High School. Huang Weizhe and Shen Yansheng, president of Chengda Medical College, Zhang Daoping, president of Eastern District Rotary Club, Wang Mengqi, president of Phoenix Rotary Club, Chen Ruotong, president of Southeast Rotary Club, and Yi Zaifu Xu Zhian, the president of the Rotary Club, Chen Faxu, the president of the LOHAS Rotary Club, and Ma Zhiting, the president of the Rotary Club, all attended the event and declared their determination to fight lung cancer and protect the health of the people.

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