On the 26th, Zhou Yukou (right) and Wang Hongwei (left) broke out in a fierce quarrel outside the gate of the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office. On Monday, he was so angry that he choked Wang: "Your husband eats soft rice...", Wang also immediately acid reflux Zhou "My husband loves me. love to death".

(File photo, photo by reporter Qian Lizhong)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] F milk Internet celebrity Q Tower has a good figure in F cup and was named "the most fierce Chinese teacher". This morning (28), he publicly shouted on Facebook that this election is very chaotic, and everyone from all walks of life is chaotic. In the battle of scarring people and fighting negative smears, he even named Wang Hongwei, a Taipei city councillor who was so sour.

Q Tower said that she did not like the Kuomintang in the past because they liked to "splash dirty water" and always remember President Tsai Ing-wen's Yuchang case, "The president was smeared by the Kuomintang before the election, and the court gave the belated justice after he lost the election. , to prove her innocence", admitting that since then, he has been very disgusted by despicable methods.

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Later, Q Tower supported the DPP and Xiaoying, emphasizing that it was because they did not splash dirty water. "As long as a person is truly elected and is conscientious in his political views, he can be my vote base." And Wang Hongwei and the famous Zhou Yukou, who were fighting each other at the Taipei District Prosecutor's Office, said: "Wang Hongwei is no better than Zhou Yukou, they both hate it."

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