The production unit sent a fondant cake to celebrate Dou Zhikong's birthday.

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[Reporter Xu Yuwen/Taipei Report] "Taiwan First Class" host Dou Zhikong Ming celebrated his 43rd birthday on the 28th. The production team of "Taiwan First Class" secretly arranged a birthday celebration before he was ready to go out on location. When Dou Zhikong saw the surfing Surprise and delight with the shape of a birthday cake.

The production team presented Admiralty Lucky Red Underpants, wishing Dou Zhikong, who was shortlisted for the second time, to ring the golden bell successfully and take back this year's "Lifestyle Show Host Award".

Dou Zhikong picked up the red underwear with tigers and eagles printed on it, laughed and said, after returning home, he asked his wife to help you choose, and then decide which one to wear to the Golden Bell Awards Ceremony!

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The production unit sent red underwear to celebrate Dou Zhikong's birthday.

(provided by the Eighth)

Dou Zhikong said frankly that he doesn't usually celebrate birthdays or give gifts at home. "Birthday" is usually an excuse to go where to play; and this year, he has arranged to go camping with his family and friends, and his birthday wish is to be safe and happy. !

"Everyone is safe, and I think that's a great thing!" 

Dou Zhikong said that after the birth of the child, because of work and family, he had no time to go surfing for about five years. After seeing the cake, he joked, "It's like reminding me that it's almost time to go into the water!" Dou Zhikong said that he and the production team are like a family People, know each other very well, so even though I didn't tell my teammates that I really wanted to go surfing, I still received a blessing from my heart.

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