Netizens curiously asked whether Zheng Jiachun (picture on the left) was a young version of Zhou Yukou (picture on the right), which caused heated discussions.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Internet celebrity Chen Yi often expresses his views on current affairs. Recently, media person Zhou Yukou broke the news that Jiang Wanan's father's "Jinghua Scandal Case" was the heroine and became the center of everyone's topic. Someone asked about "chicken row girl" on PTT Whether Zheng Jiachun is the young version of Zhou Yukou, netizens are also quite curious about Chen Yi's opinion as the "chicken chop girl's old enemy", and fish out her own 62-character response.

A netizen posted on PTT a few days ago, asking, "Is the chicken chop girl the young version of Zhou Yukou?" He pointed out that the chicken chop girl was once the gossip version of the villager goddess, but she has been booed recently. The netizen said that Zhou Yukou "is like a self-propelled gun. , I can't control and offend people everywhere", curiously asked if the two are very similar, "Did Zhou Yukou also look like a chicken chop girl when she was young, so beautiful? The chicken chop girl is older, and her personality will be more restrained or the same as Zhou Yukou, Brave to be yourself?"

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Netizens went to Chen Yi's Facebook post to leave a message to ask her opinion.

(Photo taken from Facebook Chen Yi)

In response, netizens responded by leaving a message: "It's still bad, Zhou Xue's experience is actually quite fierce", "You will cry to death than Zhou, your education is so much worse", "Aunt Coco's mind is really bad", "Educational degree It's so much worse!" Some netizens also left a message on Chen Yi's Facebook post to ask her opinion on the matter, and Chen Yi said: "Sister Kou Kou is a smart person, and where there are benefits, you can ignore it for personal interests. Moral. The chicken chop girl doesn't have Koko's head, and it's a flattery to say she's a young Koko, but it's morally similar."

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