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The first case of the Omicron Centaur subvariant was found in our country. 

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Omicron - the new coronavirus variant 962

"All variants of Omicron are monitored, 88 complete genomes of viruses from patients from all over the country have been sequenced. The so-called Centaur was found in two patients from Blagoevgradsko, it is interesting that they are not from Sofia", commented the director of the Institute of Microbiology at the BAS Prof. Penka Petrova in the studio of "Bulgaria Morning".

How dangerous is the new sub-variant of "Omicron" - "Centaur"?

She specified that according to the classifications of the World Health Organization, Centaur raises concern because of the mutations in its genome.

"One group of them is aimed at circumventing the immune response. If we have already passed another variant of the coronavirus, it is possible to get infected with this new sub-variant. The other group of mutations is aimed at making it easier to become infected," warned Prof. Petrova.

He also indicated the sympotamitaka in Centaur - it does not differ from other variants of Omicron - it is milder, with sore throat, with a temperature of up to 37-38 degrees. 

"Only 10% of those who get sick have symptoms, the other 90% of Omicron carriers do not even understand that they are sick and only tests can show it. That is why Omicron was already called a "natural vaccine" by scientists when it appeared - infects more easily, the symptoms are weaker, and thus we will get group immunity more easily," the director of the Institute of Microbiology emphasized to Bulgaria ON AIR.

Forecasts are that after the end of winter, the end of the Covid-19 pandemic will be announced.

Prof. Petrova emphasized that there are so many victims in our country because of the poor vaccination process.

A booster adapted to Omicron is now available in Bulgaria. 

"Adapted vaccines will largely stop the spread of new variants. Just like flu vaccines, it is recommended to give them to people from risk groups - people with excess weight, cardiovascular problems. It is recommended to give a booster at the same time as the flu vaccine. So in two weeks, a complete immune response is created," explained Prof. Petrova.

And he added that now is the time to administer flu vaccines, when there are still no sick people and there is time to create an immune response.

A combined vaccine was also produced - for Covid-19 and influenza, which has not yet been purchased in our country.

"We shouldn't rely on the drugs against Covid-19, it's better to bet on prevention. We can be optimistic, but let's not be surprised by the virus," urged the virologist.

Omicron - the new coronavirus variant