[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Hu Zuwei and Mumu, the two hosts of Sanli's Tuesday walking show "Love Player", traveled from north to south this week, not only unpacking many beautiful secrets, but also introducing top dishes from all over the world.

In order to compete for the right to enjoy food, Hu Zuwei and Mumu accepted a series of PK challenges!

Mumu also burst into tears at the video recording because the production unit did "this thing".

"Player" started from Taoyuan and went to Kaohsiung. The first stop introduced a hidden version of coffee that local people had never heard of. It was claimed that "the best tasting period is only three seconds". The special taste surprised Mumu.

Next, I walked all the way south, and enjoyed the super-popular seafood feast exported to the United States and Japan. Even Hu Zuwei, who dared not eat eel, praised it as very delicious.

Not only that, but there are also fantastic and delicious products that can be eaten. It is hard to imagine that the oysters are filled with oysters, and the chicken soup is drunk from a wine glass. The creative dishes that subvert the imagination have opened the eyes of the two hosts!

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After the filming was over, Mumu was moved to tears by a surprise birthday celebration.

(provided by Sanli)

Just when Hu Zuwei and Mumu were about to enjoy the food, the production unit encountered a problem. It was not that simple to eat delicious food. They had to go through a series of challenges. Mumu finally collapsed and shouted, "It's over! I'm a black hole in the game." It was Mumu's birthday. After the filming was over, the production unit brought out the secretly prepared cake. The flattered Mumu burst into tears and said emotionally, "I felt a lot of love in a short time!"

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