Zhou Yukou and Jiang Wanan.

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[Reporter Yi Huici/Taipei Report] Veteran media person Zhou Yukou recently confronted Jiang Wanan by firepower. In addition to exposing the DNA evidence that Jiang Wanan's father Jiang Xiaoyan changed his surname from Zhang to Jiang, it was a scam of the century, and also exploded Jiang Xiaoyan's Jinghua Hotel memo scandal.

Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin broke the news on the show that Zhou Yukou used to like Jiang Wanan very much, and often invited Jiang to appear on her show, but suddenly turned his face. She thought the reason was for a female anchor to take a photo.

Xu Qiaoxin (middle) broke the news on an online program.

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Xu Qiaoxin said in the online program "Chairman's Lectures" that Zhou Yukou liked Jiang Wanan very much at first, because she liked little fresh meat, and would always ask Jiang to visit her radio program. In 2015, she also admitted that Jiang Wanan was the fourth generation of the Jiang family, but in 2022 just changed.

Then Xu Qiaoxin broke the news, saying that she observed that after Jiang Wanan took a photo with the female anchor Wang Xieqi five years ago, Zhou Yukou broke with Jiang Wanan from now on.

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In 2017, Wang Xieyu and Jiang Wanan, who were the anchors of FTV, took a group photo.

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Jiang Wanan took a group photo twice with Wang Xieyu, who was still the female anchor of FTV at the time. Afterwards, Wang Xiezhen wrote in the community PO article "The committee member said I was beautiful last time", "This time his friends said I was beautiful", "I believe the sincerity of the committee member" and so on.

At that time, Zhou Yukou criticized the two photos for making her speechless. The first was the role of Wang Xiyu's anchor, and the second was the separation of the relationship between politicians and media reporters, especially fresh and married politicians.

In 2017, Wang Xieyu and Jiang Wanan, who were the anchors of FTV, took a group photo.

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Xu Qiaoxin said that after the photo came out, Zhou Yukou turned his face, and the two broke up from then on, and the relationship could never go back, because Zhou Yukou thought how could Jiang Wanan praise other girls for being beautiful, and the photo storm really caused the two to drift apart. Jiang Wanan never went to Zhou Yukou's show again.

In addition, Xu Qiaoxin also cited another example of Xiao Xianrou that Zhou Yuko likes, saying that when she chatted with Chen Shikai, a member of the DPP Taichung City Council, over coffee, she frequently grabbed each other's arms, which was also made news by the TV station at that time.

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