Senior media person Zhou Yukou.

(file photo)

[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Senior media person Zhou Yukou and Taipei City Councilor Wang Hongwei showed up at the gate of the North Inspection Bureau yesterday and staged a war of words. Unexpectedly, the female reporter who interviewed Zhou Yukou unexpectedly became the focus of the villagers.

Dongsen female reporter Li Lizhen became the focus.

(flip IG)

At that time, Zhou Yukou wanted to apologize to Zhang Shujuan in person, but was blocked. After Zhang Shujuan left, Zhou Yukou was interviewed again and asked the female reporter with short hair and big eyes: "Why are you still unclear? This little sister, you are so beautiful. , I've asked 10 times, I've been an interview director, can I teach you well when I go home?" After a heated discussion among the villagers, it was revealed that she was Dongsen's female reporter Li Lizhen. She also said in a limited-time IG update yesterday: " What the hell did I experience this morning?"

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