Yang Jinhua served as the jury member of the 14th "Taipei" Screenplay Award Ceremony.

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Taipei Report] Yang Jinhua was invited to serve as a script reviewer. Today (26), he attended the 14th "Taipei Filming" Screenplay Award Ceremony, revealing that he has read the script almost every day for a month and liked "Two Steps Away" very much. Directly called was moved; asked her if she intended to go behind the scenes?

Yang Jinhua said with a smile that he still likes "being an actor" a little more, but maybe he can experience being a screenwriter in 5 years.

Yang Jinhua has taken a screenwriting course and knows that creating is not easy. "The process is very lonely, and you have to put yourself in that state for a long time." Director Lou Yian said earnestly, "Actually, only those who can act will write. script", encouraging her to be brave in creating; Yang Jinhua replied: "Besides the difficulty of writing the lines, the most difficult part is actually the general direction of the entire script, which must be drawn first, and then slowly sculpted after the final structure."

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"Damn Asura" directed by Lou Yian represents Taiwan competing for the best international film Oscar in 2023. He is as bearish as always, saying that if he is successfully selected for the short list, it would be better for more people in the world to see it. As for the mood, he should go abroad. Play.

Qu Youning (left) and Yang Jinhua served as jury members at the 14th "Taipei Film Screenplay Award" ceremony.

(Photo by reporter Hu Shunxiang)

The Golden Bell directors Qu Youning, Yang Jinhua, producers Lin Yuling, Lou Yian, and Hou Jiran from the jury of this year's "Taipei" were all present to reveal the awards in person.

The much-anticipated first prize "Golden Screenplay Award" (with a bonus of NT$400,000) was won by Lin Yunshan's "We Are in the Same Place, Abandoning the Corpse".

Director Qu Youning thinks that the script for the Gold Award is very filmable: "At first, I thought it was two bad guys, but later I started to sympathize with these two people. It's a bit like watching the movie "Joker", with a lot of reversals and character settings. "Metamorphosis" by Lin Peiyu and Zhang Yiting, "Two Steps Away" by Chen Si'an and Wen Huiming won the "Silver and Bronze Screenplay Awards" respectively.

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