Cai Shanghua has the title of the most beautiful host.

(Photo taken from Cai Shanghua's Facebook)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] Former anchor Cai Shanghua moved to the variety show circle and was named "the most beautiful host". On the 26th, he posted the latest beautiful and spicy photos on Facebook, and was accidentally pressed by the well-known Internet celebrity ghost A Shui: "Is it true? Are you thin again?"

Cai Shanghua said in an article: "Do you often think that you are faced with the crossroads of choice; if you had made a different decision, what kind of life would you live in a parallel time and space? A feast, or start a family and enjoy the plain and beautiful happiness of a small family?"

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She hopes that everyone will still like the current self the most, "Happy without regrets, and keep moving forward without turning back!" In fact, fans focused on Cai Shanghua's latest beautiful photos, and immediately caught the actor Liang Zhetian to leave a message: "It's too beautiful The best thing is that the genius A Shui directly broke through the blind spot: "Are you losing weight again?" The deity Cai Shanghua responded in seconds: "The revolution has not yet succeeded!"

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