The General Administration of Highways invited artist "Ren Dad" (Ren Mingting) to film "Traffic Safety Elders" together with the elderly. The picture shows Lin Yisheng, secretary of the General Administration of Highways, and Tang Ruyan, the leader of the Road Safety Association.

(Photo by reporter Chen Xinyu)

[Reporter Chen Xinyu/Taipei Report] Last year, there were 2,962 deaths in car accidents nationwide, and 1,148 were elderly people, accounting for 38% of them. Ren Mingting) and 2 seniors who were amateurs served as traffic safety ambassadors, filmed and produced "Traffic Safety Elders Map", and asked the elders to forward the "Elders Map" through LINE, so that the concept of traffic safety could be deeply embedded in daily life.

According to the statistics of the General Administration of Highways, the total number of fatalities in traffic accidents last year was 2962, of which 38% were elderly, reaching 1148; in 2021, the total number of fatalities in traffic accidents was 2865, and 40% and 1158 were elderly; Accounting for 41%, 1235 people.

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Lin Yisheng, director secretary of the General Administration of Highways of the Ministry of Communications, said that intersection accidents account for 60% of all traffic accidents, and the elderly account for 38% of the accident deaths. It is not that the elderly are stigmatized as a traffic problem, but the elderly are more unbearable than the young people. Accident injuries, so the advocacy cannot be stopped. In addition to the existing "Mr. Lu's Advocacy for the Elderly", this year's Traffic Safety Month launched the "Traffic Safety Elderly Map", hoping to subtly promote the advocacy.

According to the General Administration of Highways, about 5 million people over the age of 50 use the communication software LINE, and each person sends an average of 32 messages a day, 38% of which are text messages. In line with the habits of the elderly, traffic safety promotion is packaged through "elders' pictures". Guide, let the daily "good morning and blessings" also add the message "pay attention to traffic safety and be safer".

The Hongdao Elderly Welfare Foundation stated that it not only assists in taking pictures of the elders, but also co-organizes 3 "Elderly Daoan Primary School Teacher Workshops" in three places in the north, central and south to train volunteers who usually care for their elders to become the "seeds" of traffic safety, so that the Advocacy goes deeper into the neighborhood.

According to the foundation, the elders do not like to be lectured, and they like to be cared for and cared for. Through the daily care of the volunteers, it is believed that the acceptance of the elders will be further improved.

Wu Mufu, the former executive secretary of the Road Safety Association of the Ministry of Transportation, said that road traffic safety for the elderly is very important. In Taiwan, 162 pedestrians died in traffic accidents in the first half of the year, and 108 were elderly. Mind, alert mind.

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