Zheng Yufan took a photo.

(Provided by Qian Pao Ying Shi)

[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Zheng Jiachun's sister Zheng Yufan was only happy to hold a presentation for her new photo book at noon on the 26th. The style was to be completely naked. After the event, she encountered a car accident. At that time, she was driving her car. To return to the house, passing through an alley on Nanjing East Road, he encountered a car robbery.

Zheng Yufan took a photo and hugged the cat to cover up.

(Provided by Qian Pao Ying Shi)

Zheng Yufan (left)'s car was hit.

(Provided by Qian Pao Ying Shi)

When Zheng Yufan encountered a large truck occupying the driving lane and decided to drive around the truck, he was hit by the large truck from the side. No one was injured.

After Zheng Yufan returned home to rest, he also reported to everyone that he was safe. At the same time, he also appealed to everyone that the driver must install a driving recorder, so that the evidence can be preserved in the event of an accident.

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