Qiu Huorong has all-round skills in Beiguan music. He can blow, pull, sing, and play. He is especially representative of drums, suonas, and strings.

(Photo by reporter Ling Meixue)

[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] Qiu Huorong, a Beiguan artist born in 1934, is the preserver of the important traditional performing arts of the Ministry of Culture "Northern Pipe Music". In 2017, he won the Special Award in the Publishing Category of the Golden Melody Award for the Arts, and won the National Literature and Art Award in 2021. It can be called one of the most important national treasures of traditional opera.

The documentary "Art Legacy Beiguan Glory" produced by the Art Center for Qiu Huorong was published this year, and it was specially selected to hold a Beiguan salon at the Taiwan Music Center before the Teacher's Day yesterday (26) to pay tribute to Qiu Huorong.

Beiguan Salon opened with "Yanlexuan Beiguan Opera Troupe" led by the disciples of Qiu Huorong, performing "Wan Nian Huan". of gratitude.

Afterwards, Cai Xinxin, a professor of the Chinese Department of National Chengchi University, invited Zheng Rongxing, the preserver of important traditional performing arts in Xinke, Lin Yongzhi, head of the Yanlexuan Beiguan Opera Troupe, Xie Qiongqi, a teacher of the Taipei Puppet Theatre and Peking University Traditional Music Department, and Qiu Huorong's northerners. In charge of the disciples, share the features of Qiu Huorong's works, his contributions to teaching, and his untold life stories.

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Zheng Rongxing, who joined Qiu Huorong (right) in 1989, was also designated by the Ministry of Culture this year as a Xinke National Treasure.

(Photo by reporter Ling Meixue)

Lin Yongzhi said that kung fu should be practiced by himself, but the teacher of "Meijiao" would say that the longer he studied with Qiu Huorong, the more he felt that he could learn more from him, which the school could not learn; Xie Qiongqi, from Chinese music, said that from Chinese music to Beiguan, many of them didn’t understand at first, and didn’t know how to type, but Qiu Huorong’s score was very well organized, and she sang by herself during the recording. I learned a lot and feel very happy.

As for the kindness of so many close friends and younger generation in the opera world, Qiu Huorong bowed frequently when he delivered a speech, humbly claiming that he had only read Japanese for 4 years when he was a child, and that he could not speak Mandarin and was clumsy in words. award.

Qiu Huorong said, "I know how to do things, but I don't know how to speak very well, but I am very grateful to everyone for allowing me to stand on stage at my age."

The performance "Wan Nian Huan" by "Yanlexuan Beiguan Troupe" led by a disciple of Qiu Huorong kicked off the Beiguan Salon.

(Photo by reporter Ling Meixue)

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