On September 26, 65 at the Criminal Court, Ratchadaphisek Road.

The court scheduled an appointment to examine evidence in the case that the public prosecutor filed a lawsuit against Kittichat Chaiyadej, formerly Sarayuth Chaiyadej (Pinky's brother), against 19 people, including

Pinky Savika Chaiyadej

and Khun .

Mae Aoi Sarinya, the 3rd defendant (Pinky's mother) in corruption

by deceptively bringing together into a computer system which is false computer information in a manner that is likely to cause damage to the people, jointly borrowing money that is defrauding the people

In the case of the 19 defendants and those who do not actually engage in trading or trading in foreign currency (Forex) as claimed and the Bank of Thailand has never issued a license to any person or

Any entity to provide speculative investment services from trading or trading foreign exchange (Forex) in Thailand as well.

In addition, the 19 defendants and their associates took advantage of their reputation.

or the credibility of the defendants' 19

that is an actor, singer, person in the entertainment industry, a person in high society or high society

and including famous people in Thailand

To create credibility for the 19 defendants with them.

in a way that divides the duties

Today, corrections officers brought 

Pinky Savika

 and Mother Aoi Sarinya, along with older brother Kittichet and a total of 19 people from prison to the Criminal Court.

By the appointment of witness examination today

The court has ordered to postpone the examination of evidence.

and test the testimony in the Pinky case

and the 3D Forex Share Fraud Case, Black Case No. 853/2565, which includes Mr. Apirak Kothi, 3D Share Forex Executive, Mr. Kittichet Chaiyadej, Pinky's brother and A total of 5 people are defendants, as of November 29, 2022. Due to the large number of documents related to the case, about 500 files, the defendant's lawyers need time to investigate.

While all the defendants have traveled

Come to the court room at 908 to sign the document acknowledging the case of postponing the examination of evidence.

And test the testimony, led by

Pinky Savika,

who cut her hair as short as her shoulders.

not wearing shoes

walking hand in hand with mom

with hands showing an OK sign for reporters

From the observations, there was no stress.