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The prima of the Bulgarian stage Lily Ivanova

Lili Ivanova was born in Kubrat.

She graduated from a medical college in Varna, and later stopped working with her concert appearances, writes "Bulgaria Dnes", referring to her relatives.

Although her last concert on December 4 in the capital's "Arena Armeets" hall was not announced as a "farewell", the pop legend said more and more often that it was time to retire from the stage.

She recently revealed to people close to her that the prospect of stopping singing is now very real.

The Primate did not specify when this would happen, but from her intonation it was clear that the grand finale of her unique career might come at the end of this year.

Lili Ivanova collected 200 grand from the VIP seats in Sofia

The singer of "Vetrove" has not been in that super physical shape for several years, which she maintained with an iron will for decades.

Thanks to her and her great dedication to the art of singing, Lily was an example and an absolute peak for the following generations in pop music.

However, the age at which we hoped that Bulgaria's songstress would not be submissive began to speak for itself.

The Primate looked more and more often at the lyrics and notes of the songs, her friends from the guild revealed.

In addition, she had recently become more irritable and complained that her feet hurt from high heels.

In her "model home" on "Oborishte" street in the capital, the pop star increasingly wore branded sneakers or slippers, while over the years, even at home, she did not allow herself flat soles.

Prima had no intention of surrendering completely and was going to make studio recordings, like world-famous musicians.

Thus she intended to show that the legend in her face had not gone away at all.

"Lily is still a hit machine - it's just that now this machine will work at lower speeds, as it has become extremely selective," summarize those close to the singer.

The star entrusted them with the amount with which the state rewarded her contribution to her native stage.

Lily mentioned the figure of BGN 20,000, without clarifying whether it is monthly or annual.

Lily Ivanova