For the first time, the new subvariant of "Omicron" has been registered in our country, it is clear from the latest samples analyzed by the Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases.

The mutation, known as "Centaur," was found in two of the 82 samples.

The fifth sub-variant of "Omicron" is still dominant - more than 90 percent of those examined by the center are with it.

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Omicron - the new coronavirus variant 960

Both cases of "Centaur" are from the Blagoevgrad region.

According to the Center's data, those infected with it have recovered.

What is the new mutation and how protected are we from it?

Until now, Iliya Iliev has not been sick with COVID-19.

He believes that this is due to both the measures and the vaccines.

Since last week, he has had a booster dose of the vaccine adapted against "Omicron".

The "Centaur" sub-variant of Omicron is now in Bulgaria

“From what I've read, these vaccines cover the entire Omicron family, although other sub-variants will emerge.

As long as a person follows the rules, and with this vaccine, he should be as safe as possible, so I am calm," said Ilia Iliev.

Over 10,000 people in our country have already taken the preparation against "Omicron", announced the Ministry of Health. 

"Centaur" is a sub-variant of "Omicron" - so experts expect the new adapted vaccines to be effective against this mutation as well, although to a lesser extent.

Although today Dr. Mihov is in front of the health inspection to take vaccines, he reports a timid interest in them.

However, he has already noticed a gradual increase in the number of patients.

"The children went to school.

This undoubtedly raised the sources.

The headache is back, the sore throat, which is sometimes quite sharp, is typical.

But the diagnosis cannot be made symptomatically - it can be confused with other viruses.

At the moment, it's not just COVID," explained Dr. Mihail Mihov.

There is no evidence that the new version is more dangerous, experts say.

"It has the property of spreading even more easily, so I expect that the share will increase."

The situation continues to be calm - we are moving towards adapting the virus to the human population and getting closer to the ordinary virus with a similar clinic and a similar mortality rate," announced the chief state health inspector Assoc. Angel Kunchev.

According to Assoc. Prof. Kunchev, in some areas there is an increase in the number of patients, but at this stage measures are not required.

Omicron - the new coronavirus variant