This time, such an astrological event occurred

on September 26, 2022 at 00:54 Kyiv time in the sign of Libra


In the next two weeks after the new moon, the circumstances are as good as possible in order to develop a sense of balance and reach a point of equilibrium, to find a compromise in solving difficult issues, says astrologer Marina Skadi (Marina Sokolova).

On September 27, 2022, the second lunar day lasts until 08:20 and from this time begins the third lunar day, the growing month in Libra.

The period of the month without a course from 19:20.

A good day for negotiations and meetings that require diplomatic qualities.

Suitable for balancing completely opposite things and finding a middle point of harmony between them.

People show stability, on the one hand, and indecisiveness, a tendency to fluctuate, on the other.

September 28, 2022, the fourth lunar day - from 09:40.

The period of the Moon without a course lasts until 02:14, after which the waxing Moon moves into the sign of Scorpio.

A very emotional day easily manifests irritability, impatience, tendency to depression.

It is difficult to adjust to diplomacy and negotiation, many people are not ready to listen to different points of view.

But this is a day of inspiration, intense creative work, transformation of inner life and spiritual transformation.

September 29, 2022, the fifth lunar day - from 11:02.

Growing Moon in Scorpio.

The day of obtaining fruits from previously taken actions, awareness of the ways that will lead to the achievement of goals.

Trust your intuition, refer to past experience, and you will be able to find a way out of impasses.

You can solve financial issues, find material support.

By actively expressing your feelings and emotions, you will be able to defend your principles.

September 30, 2022, the sixth lunar day - from 12:25 p.m.

The period of the Moon without a course is from 00:19 to 07:03, after which the waxing Moon moves into the sign of Sagittarius.

It is a good time for conversations with superiors, colleagues, foreign partners, as well as representatives of official structures and higher bodies.

The best period for making the most risky and serious decisions.

The day is energetically very powerful, favorable for romance, love, family relations, and creativity.

Discard negative thoughts, think only about the good - this will help you get rid of health problems, as well as see and feel the subtle beauty and harmony of the world around you.

October 1, 2022, the seventh lunar day - from 13:48.

Growing Moon in Sagittarius.

You should not actively engage in calculations, documents, papers, negotiations, establishing connections.

This is the time of distortion of information, stops - Mercury is stationary and is preparing to go into direct motion from October 3.

It is better not to plan important matters, especially purchase and sale agreements, and calmly engage in daily activities.

October 2, 2022, the eighth lunar day - from 15:01.

The period of the Moon without a course is from 00:46 to 10:37, after which the waxing Moon moves into the sign of Capricorn.

On the day of internal contradictions, many desires may arise, but it is difficult to decide on a choice, to understand what exactly you want.

Try to rest, gain strength, prepare for the new week, which will be very intense, full of various events.

Ordinary everyday tasks, walks, communication with relatives will help to collect thoughts and gain psychological peace.

From October 2022, the ninth lunar day - from 15:59.

Growing month in Capricorn.

Planetary energy contributes to the concentration of thought, at the same time, the criticality of the mind increases.

Carefully analyze incoming information, record your thoughts - any idea can be valuable.

A good day for new beginnings, you can take on new responsibilities, deal with real estate, make large purchases, communicate with potential employers, get a job.

October 4, 2022, the tenth lunar day - from 16:43.

The period of the Moon without a course is from 06:48 to 13:20, after which the waxing Moon moves into the sign of Aquarius.

A day of surprises of a different nature, which may cause the need to change plans.

Interest in reading, learning and practical activities increases.

There may be turning points in the life of many and even states.

Favorable time for big, large-scale activities, long-distance moves, active steps in the professional sphere.

October 5, 2022, the eleventh lunar day - from 17:15.

Growing Moon in Aquarius.

Day of light, new ideas, important decisions at all levels.

Interest in everything new is awakened, so you can attract the attention of other people, conduct an advertising campaign, business meeting or conference.

Various innovations, transformations, adventurous projects can go well.

This is a favorable period for engaging in scientific activities, research, and public speaking.

October 6, 2022, the twelfth lunar day - from 17:38.

The period of the Moon without a course is from 01:45 to 15:46, after which the waxing Moon moves into the sign of Pisces.

People show such qualities as a thirst for independence, extravagance, sociability, a tendency to experiment, and ingenuity.

However, you need to be more careful with promises and the amount of work you want to take on, since most of the day is an inefficient period.

The day is favorable for meetings with friends and like-minded people, continuation and completion of previously started matters.

October 7, 2022, the thirteenth lunar day - from 17:56.

Growing Moon in Pisces.

It is important to discipline yourself in time and not act in the name of your fantasies and unrealistic ideas.

People become vulnerable, it is easy to offend others with thoughtless words.

The day is favorable for internal work on oneself, self-discovery, as the energy of the Moon in Pisces promotes a good connection with one's emotions and feelings, it becomes easy to express and understand them.

October 8, 2022, the fourteenth lunar day - from 18:11.

The period of the Moon without a course is from 14:10 to 18:56, after which the waxing Moon moves into the sign of Aries.

The day is favorable for completing work, any physical activity, promoting one's interests, as well as fighting for one's rights, long trips, emigration.

By the evening, even confusing situations become clear, planetary energies contribute to ingenuity, quick search for necessary resources, ingenuity, prompt resolution of complex tasks.

October 9, 2022, the fifteenth lunar day - from 18:25.

Full in Aries at 23:55 Kyiv time.

The day is very energetic, militant.

The energy of the day is quite complex, the possibility of overexertion and nervous breakdowns due to excessive stress increases.

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