Gao Hongan's discriminatory education scandal caused her negative Internet voice to explode overnight.

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[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] Gao Hongan, a candidate for the mayoral candidate of the Hsinchu People's Party, was suspected of plagiarizing her doctoral dissertation. She listed her experience as a scholar at the press conference, "I, Gao Hongan, grew up today. The university also entered the top of the list. National Taiwan University graduated first in academic performance. Today, we are not like the evening department of Chung Hwa University, so we have to do the master's irrigation of National Taiwan University." Huang Jiawei, the "Fresh Meat Anchor" of Sanli News Station who studied in the United States and is fluent in foreign languages, is sour : "Education, papers, scores, there's really nothing to talk about."

Huang Jiawei publicly scolded Gao Hongan through his personal Facebook: "Using these values ​​to discriminate against others not only shows his ignorance and lack of strength, but also makes it clear that it is impossible to become a political leader who is empathetic to the suffering of the people." He believes that even if he is lucky in the end Elected, at best, is an arrogant politician.

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Huang Jiawei also studied in the United States when he was young, but he never used it to show off.

(Photo taken from Huang Jiawei's Facebook)

In fact, Huang Jiawei admits that he has no education to show off, and he looked at it very early. "When I was studying, my classmates were still a little sad about the exam, so I gave up completely." He also firmly believed that a lot of professional knowledge and what the school did not learn, They all go out of society and enter the workplace, and they make up for it bit by bit.

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