Baku City State Traffic Police Department (STP) appealed to the citizens regarding Memorial Day.

Chief inspector of the department, police major Araz Askerli told APA that citizens should take into account that there will be a lot of visits to the capital, especially to II Martyrs Alley and Dağustü Park, in connection with the Memorial Day on September 27: "As you know, on September 27, the martyrs of the Patriotic War Memorial Day is celebrated every year in our country.

We remember our martyrs with deep gratitude.

We ask our citizens to prefer public transport when going to II Martyrs' Alley and Daguştu Park.

Both directions are downtown streets, and parking is limited, so congestion is likely.

Visitors are requested not to use private vehicles when traveling to the area.

Drivers should take into account that there will be a large number of people heading here.

Once again, we ask you not to give preference to private cars.

The area is not suitable for private vehicles.

There are few parking facilities here.

We recommend that visitors use public transport."