The Japanese watch brand CITIZEN has launched numerous classic watches over the past century. Among them, the diving watch "Challenge Diver" launched in 1977 has created a legend. An Australian diver found a "Challenge Diver" covered with barnacles at the beach in 1983. According to the growth conditions of the barnacles, experts speculate that this watch has been ups and downs in the sea for more than 5 years, but it was still running and the movement was not eroded when it was found. The legend of "Challenge Diver" is durable and accurate.

This year, CITIZEN re-engraved the legendary "Challenge Diver" and launched a new "1977 Re-engraved Conquer Diving Antimagnetic Mechanical Watch", including hour markers, hands, single-turn rotating bezel and serrated grooves on the bezel, all of which reproduce the classic in its original flavor. , the case is replaced with super titanium newly developed by CITIZEN, which is lighter and more comfortable. The movement has also been upgraded to an anti-magnetic 9051 self-winding movement. The black dial is matched with a black rubber strap, and the blue dial is matched with a super titanium strap. It conforms to the diverse styles of modern men.

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CITIZEN 1977 Replica Conquer Diving Antimagnetic Mechanical Watch (Black), 28,800 yuan.

CITIZEN 1977 Replica Conquer Diving Antimagnetic Mechanical Watch (Blue Model), 33,800 yuan.

CITIZEN spokesperson Peng Zhengmin demonstrates the 1977 replica Conquer Diving Antimagnetic Mechanical Watch.

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