Moncler packaged the Milan Cathedral for the 70th anniversary of its founding show.

Milan Fashion Week was the focus of attention of the entire fashion circle last weekend. Not only did Hollywood stars, actresses and Hallyu stars gather in Milan, but many brands highlighted their original styles and invested heavily to create a huge scene to attract attention.

The inspiration for the "twins" of Gucci's latest Twinsburg series comes from the unique growth experience of the creative director. He even presents this specious mirror relationship. He has found 68 pairs of twins from all over the world on the stretch stage. In addition to the 80s movie "" The ingenious decoration of the little monsters in "The Little Elf", and the picture of the twins holding each other's hands and striding forward at the curtain call is even more shocking.

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On the Gucci show, 68 pairs of twins were invited to walk on the catwalk.

Celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, Moncler, the "King of Down and Down", also did not miss the opportunity to do great things. It packaged the Milan Cathedral and invited 1952 performers representing the brand's founding year to wear the 70th anniversary specially created for the season. The limited-edition down jacket appeared, and the endless picture attracted nearly 18,000 spectators to see it, and the picture of the sea of ​​white down jackets was even more impressive.

Many brands are extraordinary in simplicity. FERRAGAMO, who has ushered in a new creative director this season, not only announced the official name change and logo change on the eve of the big show, but also focused on the "Hollywood-style renaissance" on the debut show. Both men and women show arrogant but delicate fashion attitudes through elegant lines and rendered colors.

Bottega Veneta, on the other hand, let the legendary supermodel Kate Moss walk on the runway wearing only a shirt and denim pants. This look is actually made of soft leather and dyed through layers The print is presented, and the amazing skills are hidden in the seemingly ordinary shape.

Also adept at working with leather, Tod's draws attention with its tailoring lines and dyes its shapes in soft, natural tones, reminiscent of summer Italy, and perfectly embodies minimalism.

Not only designers compete for art, but the show naturally also has star halo to support the field. Versace invited Paris Hilton, the heir of Hilton Group, to the finale on the runway, while Dolce & Gabbana invited the topical celebrity "Hip Butt Gold" Kim Kardashian served as curator, curating Y2K styles from the brand's database, allowing the two creative directors to re-create a contemporary makeover.

In addition, many Japanese and Korean stars, including IU (Li Zhien), Liu Yaren, Li Jingjing, TWICE members Caiying, Kimura Guangxi, and Oscar-winning actress Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway (Anne Hathaway) All dressed up for the brand.

Kate Moss' plaid shirts and denim pants are all made of leather.

FERRAGAMO has new creative director Maximilian Davis this season.

Paris Hilton made a surprise finale on the runway.

Kimura Mitsuki attended the exhibition.

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