The tenth anniversary of the launch of Trend Literature Theater, the tenth work "Dream of Tang" is released this year.

(Provided by Chen Yizhen)

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What is there in the dream?


Dreams at night are not under the control of people, and the subconscious takes you to travel to a psychedelic realm.

Dreams during the day can be weaved by you, but they won't come true if you don't pay.

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Ten years ago I had a daydream to meet Su Dongpo on the stage of a modern theater.

I know that it is difficult to achieve a good dream alone, so I joined hands with poet professor Chen Yizhi and theater director Li Yixiu to create "Trend Classic Literature Theater".

I said, "I don't dream of other people's dreams. My dreams should connect the past and the present. It has both the vitality of the theater and the function of education. I move the classroom to the stage, make literature three-dimensional, and use various performances to interpret ancient times. The artistic conception and life stories of the poets of the writers, at the same time, let modern poets interspersed on the stage to explain the meaning of literature, and then explain the profound things in simple language, and even have a recitation of modern poems to express the inheritance and influence of literature..."

Anyway, I have everything in my daydream. I threw out requests without restraint, and Mr. Yizhi answered them with ease and provided relevant poems and stories. Director Yi Xiu kept weaving stories in his mind, and finally formed The original storytelling theater: the ancient and modern story lines alternately run in parallel. Kunqu opera actor Wen Yuhang plays the role of a great writer and sings ancient poems; Yizhi and I are dressed in true costumes. I ask him to answer and explain various literary causes.

It is also really difficult for the director, and with the help of stage, lighting, video design and various performers, it not only made my daydreams come true, but also made many audiences fall into the dream of classical literature.

Trend Literature Theater Production Iron Triangle, from left: director Li Yixiu, producer and performer Chen Yizhen, and chief literary planner and performer.

(Provided by Chen Yizhen)

I have no ambitions at all, just have fun, and close it when I want to see it.

Who knows that the power of everyone's dreams together is great, one dream after another, Su Dongpo leads Li Bai, Du Fu, Tao Yuanming, Qu Yuan, the Book of Songs, until the special performance "Poet's Shadow.

Take it easy - The Five Great Writers Come Together", but I couldn't stop it, so I went one step further to dream big and come up with a whimsical series of "Dynasty Literature", starting with the nineteen ancient literary poems of the Han Dynasty.

This time, it was really unexpected. "The Wind Rises" was performed vigorously for two performances in Kaohsiung. It actually turned the great plague of the Eastern Han Dynasty on the stage into a new crown epidemic that has lasted for more than two years in modern times, and the Taipei stage had to be suspended.

In 2021, under the threat of the epidemic, we will bring out ghosts to fight against it. "Fantasy Six Dynasties, Mysterious Notes" will perform strange novels from the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, interspersed with Shishuoxinyu, Bamboo Forest Seven Sages and Lanting Preface, and two performances each in Taipei and Kaohsiung. , has received unprecedented praise.

This broke the big dream of Zhuang Zhou that I had secretly written.

Go according to the dynasties, following the legends of the Six Dynasties, we are going to enter the legend of Tang Dynasty!

Start "Dream of Tang"!

It can be said to be dreaming of the Middle Tang Dynasty, or it can be said to be the Tang Dynasty in the dreams of modern people!

Legend is a short story similar to classical Chinese.

As the historian Yang Zhao said, because it was sandwiched between the powerful and prosperous Tang and the decadent late Tang, the Middle Tang was often ignored by ordinary people.

In fact, in terms of literature, the mid-Tang Dynasty was a very pioneering era. Yuan Zhen and Bai Juyi's long narrative poems and social poems, Jia Dao, Li He, Wei Yingwu, Xue Tao, etc.'s beautiful and bizarre poems, as well as Han Yu's ancient writing movement, all are A turbulent, long-term literary masterpiece.

Not to mention the legend of the Tang Dynasty, which opened the artistic creation of Chinese novels. Chen Xuanyou, Li Fuyan, Li Gongzuo, Shen Jiji and other well-known ancient writers and poets have successively devoted themselves to the creation. Influence the creation of rising stars, but also led to the creation of opera.

With such a rich literary asset, we can only choose one or two, and choose themes related to dreams to compose dreams. Poets can only be sung in the mouths of legendary figures, so as to express the situation and mood at that time, Mr. Yizhi Said that this is our new literary marriage method.

Ten years one dream, one dream ten years!

Unexpectedly, Trend Literature Theater will be the tenth and tenth drama this year!

I don't dare to say that it has been successful in ten years, and I am not sure that the dream has come true.

But there are two things that particularly comfort me.

First, we have never had a ticket sales mechanism for education promotion, but after the fifth year, some viewers began to want to buy tickets for a good seat.

Therefore, we follow the rules of good deeds. Half of the tickets are priced at 300 or 500 yuan to encourage participation, and the other half still focus on public welfare, and we strongly invite teachers to lead students to watch for free.

I would especially like to thank our long-term support and audiences who share our literary ideals!

Another is that after the performance in Kaohsiung last year, a young lecturer from Sun Yat-Sen University, Chen Yizheng, brought his students to come to me, specially asked for a photo, and presented a certificate of appreciation to the foundation.

One of the students said to me, "When I was in middle school, I followed Teacher Chen to watch literary dramas every year. This year, I graduated from college and I want to be a teacher. Next year, I will definitely take my students to watch trending literary dramas."

It turns out that dreams can also be grafted, extended, and inherited!

Whether it is a night dream, a daydream, or a big cultural dream, as long as you pursue and explore, you will definitely have a better understanding of life and yourself.

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