The first concert in Lithuania expresses concern for Ukraine with yellow and blue lights.

(provided by the State Taiwan Affairs Commission)

[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] The second leg of the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra’s European tour, which will be performed in Lithuania on September 25 and 26, will be held in the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Association Concert Hall on the first day. At the opening, he performed a piece "Svajonė" (The Dream) by Lithuanian composer Juozas Naujalis (1869-1934), expressing the friendship between the two sides, and also conveying the prayer for peace from Taiwan.

The State-Taiwan Affairs Office said that this is a work about the nation's dream of regaining a free life, hoping to comfort a large number of Ukrainian refugees who were moved to Lithuania due to the Ukrainian-Russian war.

The audience, including many important officials of the Lithuanian government, was deeply moved and gave a standing ovation of 5 degrees.

On the 25th, the State-Taiwan Exchange performed at the Concert Hall of the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Association.

(provided by the State Taiwan Affairs Commission)

State-Taiwan Relations pointed out that Lithuania has a profound history and culture of classical music. The 20th century violin master Jascha Heifetz (1901-1987) and violinist and conductor Julian Rachlin (1974- ) were all born in Lithuania.

This trip is in cooperation with the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society (LNPS), which was established in the capital Vilnius in 1940 and designated as a national cultural institution in 1988. The concert hall of the association is located in the most lively old town. , is a majestic building with a long history. The interior of the concert hall is designed with a vaulted roof and has excellent sound effect. There are about 738 auditoriums.

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Liu Xuanyong (right), head of the China-Taiwan International Relations Association, presented a gift to Rūta, CEO of the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Association.

(provided by the State Taiwan Affairs Commission)

In addition to "Svajonė", the first half was led by well-known violinist Chen Murong, who performed Mozart's "Play in D Major" and Schubert's "Rondo for Violin and Strings in A Major"; the second half was led by Chen Murong, who performed Piazzolla's "Four Seasons in Buenos Aires", followed by Chen Shihui's "Stuffing Snow for Spring" and Chen Shuxi's "Song Party" performed by the State Taiwan Symphony Orchestra without a conductor. Encore presented Lithuanian folk songs, and Taiwan's emerging composer Zhang Jingshan "Music One Hundred Years" Taiwanese Folk Song Suite.

Liu Xuanyong, the head of the China-Taiwan Communication Association, said that Rūta Prusevičienė, the executive director of the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Association, expressed his appreciation to him at the intermission. After the concert, he personally greeted Chen Murong and said that Heifetz was born In Vilnius, watching the performance of Chen Murong, who had received the instruction of Heifetz's master class, made Rūta feel as touching as watching Heifetz's performance.

Rūta also said that the entire performance of Guotaijiao showed superb skills and moving musicality. Not only the Western classics of Mozart and Schubert presented exquisite elegance, but Piazzolla showed unrestrained enthusiasm and charm, and the works of Taiwanese composers even more is impressive.

Liu Xuanyong also mentioned that after the trip arrived in Lithuania, rehearsals began on September 24. On the 25th, the Lithuanian National Radio and Television Station had a special interview and report. In addition to the news channel broadcast, it also broadcasted messages on the radio and classical radio during peak traffic hours to show Lithuania. For the attention and friendliness of the symphony orchestra from Taiwan.

Liu Xuanyong also talked with Rūta about the possibility of cooperation between the two orchestras in the future, including the Lithuanian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra visiting Taiwan to perform, and the Lithuanian Philharmonic Choir to which it belongs will cooperate with Taiwan and China in the future.

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