VIDEO: Scorpio was washed away in the sudden flood, the driver saved his life by jumping, see the terrible scene of the flood

Arunachal Pradesh Heavy Rain:

In many places across the country, the floods that came after heavy rains have disturbed life, while still people's troubles are not taking the name of lessening.

Recently, a video of sudden floods is surprising people these days, in which the trouble of raining from the sky, leaving the rivers and streams and reaching the roads, is seen to be overflowing, in which the next moment something like this happens. Seeing which your soul will also tremble.

The video is really mind blowing. 

watch video here


Arunachal Pradesh: A Scorpio car washed away due to flash floods at Chiputa village in Lower Subansiri district (23.09)

— ANI (@ANI) September 24, 2022

This video, which is increasing everyone's heartbeat on the Internet, is being told of last Friday.

In fact, these days many districts in Arunachal Pradesh are facing flood-like situation due to heavy rains.

Rivers and drains are in spate due to continuous rain in many areas.

In such a situation, a Scorpio car was washed away in the sudden flood in Chiputa village of Lower Subansiri district.

It was fortunate that the driver and other passengers in the car got out in time.

Seeing the flood water flowing in the video, the Scorpio car fell into a deep gorge.

It is being told that the employees of the showroom had taken this car for a test drive, during which the accident happened.

This video of a Scorpio trapped in the middle of the road falling down in the flood caused by torrential rains is becoming increasingly viral on the internet.

It is being told that the car had stopped suddenly while the water flow was fast on the road, meanwhile the water level started rising rapidly, after which the people in the car got out in time and looked on in a while. Soon the car swayed like a paper boat in the water. 

In fact, it is raining heavily in most of the states of the country these days.

This continuous rain is raining as a disaster, due to which the news of waterlogging and road sinking is coming to the fore.

At the same time, the Indian Meteorological Center has recently expressed the possibility of heavy rains in many states. 

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