The doctor gave breath to the newborn, the VIDEO of the Agra doctor went viral once again

Doctor Saved The Life Of A Newborn Girl: It

is said that doctors are another form of God.

It would probably not be wrong to say this after seeing this recently viral video on social media, in which the doctor donated a new life with his breath to a newborn girl who had given up hope of living life.

This shocking video is being told of Agra.

This video of a doctor saving a newborn's life is old, but once again it is attracting everyone's attention on the internet.

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Dr Sulekha Choudhary, Pediatrician, CHC, Agra.

The baby girl was born but there was no movement in the body.

Oxygen support was given to the girl first, but when it did not help, then gave 'mouth to mouth respiration' for about 7 minutes, the girl breathed.👏🏼❤️

— SACHIN KAUSHIK (@upcopsachin) September 21, 2022

This incident is from March 2022, where Dr Surekha Chaudhary at the Community Health Center (CHC) in Agra, Uttar Pradesh is seen saving the newborn by breathing through her mouth when she did not get a response from oxygen support.

Once again after this video went viral, Dr. Surekha Chaudhary is in the headlines.

In this video going viral, the doctor saved the life of the newborn by giving 'mouth to mouth' respiration for about seven minutes.

It can be seen in the video how a girl is not doing any movement after birth.

Meanwhile, oxygen is immediately applied to the newborn, but this did not cause any movement in his body, after which the doctor starts giving him breath through his mouth and on seeing the newborn's body movement is seen.

This 26-second video viral on the Internet has been viewed more than 1 million times so far.

This video has been shared on social media by a police personnel on his Twitter handle.

Saluting the efforts of the doctor in the post, the video has been shared with the hashtags Respect, Doctor and Salute.

It is told in the post that, a baby girl was born in CHC Hospital, Agra and after 7 minutes of efforts, Doctor Surekha saved her. 

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