[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Gao Hongan was suspected of plagiarism by weekly reports of his doctoral dissertation, and copied a large number of research cases and papers co-published by the Information Policy Association. In this regard, Gao Hongan frantically fought for his education, which made famous mouth Tang Xianglong speak.

Tang Xianglong (pictured) mentioned that Gao Hongan was sour.

(Photo taken from Yahoo! tv)

Gao Hongan said at the press conference, "I, Gao Hongan, grew up from childhood to high school today. I don't talk about a girl from Beiyi and National Taiwan University. Our Normal University also entered the top of the list. National Taiwan University graduated first in academic performance. , I have to do a master's degree in irrigation at National Taiwan University."

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Gao Hongan.

(file photo)

The Facebook "North Korean Refugee Ice Wolf" found that when the famous Tang Xianglong recently appeared on "Wind, Dragon and Phoenix", he suddenly blurted out about Gao Hongan: "I even think that the mayor of Hsinchu is Gao Hongan!" Netizens were shocked and laughed. Said that Tang Xianglong is a famous anti-indicator, sour said that the election situation is really stable, "the strongest anti-indicator in the famous mouth world, Xiao Zilong has spoken", "it's finished with Barbie Q", "suddenly relieved".

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