The exclusive limited-edition wedding book appointment gift box contains three lovely items, namely a marriage registration contract, a walking eco-friendly shopping bag and a fantasy fusion bubblegum elevator toy.

(reported by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

[Reporter Wang Rongxiang / Kaohsiung Report] The 2022 Taiwan Design Exhibition is about to debut in Kaohsiung. The Kaohsiung Youth Bureau invited well-known designer Li Junci to launch the "Exclusive Limited Wedding Book Appointment Gift Box", the first wave of 100 spikes, causing many people to knock the bowl Inquiries, the Youth Bureau announced today that from October 8th to 10th, 200 gift boxes of book appointments will be added to the 6th Library of the Design Nakajima Stack.

Shi Zhe, the deputy mayor of Kaohsiung City, said that the Taiwan Design Exhibition will be held in Kaohsiung after 10 years. Through new urban design, it will discuss issues such as urban aesthetics, history and municipal development. Local imagery and then to the international.

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The curatorial team uses design as a medium to communicate with the public, and connects various districts of Kaohsiung through a series of activities, such as the renovation plan of the household registration wedding backboard and the design of the wedding invitation gift box, which is the actual embodiment of the journey into the life of ordinary people.

"Exclusive Limited Wedding Book Appointment Gift Box" will hold a limited pop-up event at the "Youth Limit" exhibition hall of Design Nakajima Zhan 6th Library of Taiwan Design Exhibition during the National Day holiday.

(reported by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

Zhang Yili, director of youth, said that the launch of the wedding book appointment gift box has received a warm response, attracting a large number of young friends to leave messages on the social platform, such as "register and receive the knife immediately", "I want to get married after reading it", and even some married people said "It's too early. If you get married, you will know that you will get married a few years later.”

In view of the overwhelming response from the public, the Youth Bureau planned to hold a pop-up event at the "Youth Restriction" exhibition hall in the 6th library of the Taiwan Design Exhibition Design Nakajima. When visiting a different exhibition venue, the public is welcome to come to the exhibition venue and capture every limited-time scenery of the dynamic exhibition venue with time-limited dynamics.

The Youth Bureau reminds that the pop-up event will be held during the National Day holiday, and you can participate with your companions on the day of the event. Whether it is family, friends or couples, as long as two or two match the Dress code, take the sweetest group photo in the exhibition hall and release it. Follow and tag the official IG of the Youth Bureau: @youth.kcg#TaiwanDesignDesignTaiwan, and share it on your personal social platform. In groups, you can get a limited number of wedding boxes, while supplies last.

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