Xie Hexian posted an article on Facebook last night lamenting that "no one cared about political opinions in the election, and I knew that the mayor would have been elected." The article also caused many netizens to respond.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Artist Xie Hexian recently officially registered to run for election as a city councillor in Wanhua District. He posted on Facebook last night that he lamented, "No one cares about political opinions in the election, so I would have elected the mayor if I knew it earlier." Once it came out, it also caused a lot of netizens to respond, leaving messages "Who is more likely to splash dirty water", "Does anyone care about political opinions?"

Xie Hexian went to the Xinyi District Office to register for a city council election earlier this month. At that time, he also shared three major political opinions, including "advocating the legalization of marijuana", "landing in the red light district", and "legalizing modified locomotives".

Last night, he posted on Facebook that "no one cares about political opinions when the election is elected. If I knew that I would have elected the mayor, at least no one should dare to argue with me! Hamen." At the same time, he also re-emphasized the political opinion of "the red light district".

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After the article was published, it also attracted netizens to swipe a row of "Hamen". Netizens said, "Indeed, the elections really don't care about political opinions now", "I thought you were crazy enough to be crazy, but today I found out that you are more than They are sober", "Taiwan has a long way to go to weed out bureaucracy without democratic literacy and irrational voters." If everyone hates people and think they won, hamen", "maybe they are really elected, hamen", "it's all fake to say that it is good for Taiwan, it's true to get their own interests from the election, so political opinions It doesn't matter, as long as the smear is successful."

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