Royal experts have pointed out that neither Camilla nor Kate will publicly complain about their dissatisfaction, saying supporting their husbands is a top priority.


Getting along with mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has always been a university question, both ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, as well as commoners and nobles. The complex and entangled emotions between members of the British royal family are not lost at eight o’clock. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96 , The sequence of royal heirs has also been reshuffled. In the past, the Duchess Camilla, who was regarded as the "strongest junior" by the British people in the past, also became the queen after Charles III succeeded as king.

According to experts in the British royal family, the new Princess of Wales Kate and "mother-in-law" Camilla have common hobbies, and they even travel with each other in private. Helped build family bonds between mother-in-law Camilla and senior royals.

Kate, Queen Camilla, and King Charles III all love art, and they meet in private to see the exhibition.

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It seems that Princess Kate quite understands the truth of "home and everything is prosperous".

Royal expert Angela Levin (Angela Levin) believes that Princess Kate has become the "peace mediator" of the royal family. Her new book serialized in the "Daily Telegraph" pointed out that Princess Kate has common ground with her in-laws Charles and Camilla. Their hobby is their love for "art", and the three not only get along well, they even make an appointment to go to the theater or see exhibitions together.

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"Kate likes art and often goes to see exhibitions with the Queen and King Charles in private. Prince William is not particularly keen on this aspect." Helps improve William's relationship with his father and stepmother.

Experts have pointed out that Kate has become a "mediator" for the royal family.

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The article pointed out that Prince William's relationship with his father was once tense after Charles and Camilla's marriage. Fortunately, time has improved all this, and much of it is thanks to Princess Kate, Levin believes: "She A peacemaker." Levin also pointed out: "Actually, Camilla is also a mediator and doesn't complain about dissatisfaction. Both she and Kate believe that supporting her husband is the first priority." English' Meghan couldn't compare.

The photo of Camilla on the cover of "Country Life" was shot by Princess Kate, and the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is good.

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Levin also mentioned that before the unexpected death of Princess Diana in 1997, King Charles advised Camilla to let her two children, Tom and Lola, meet with Prince William and Prince Harry; On Charles's 50th birthday, brothers William and Harry threw a surprise party for their father. They knew that Charles would want Camilla to be there, so they arranged a special opportunity to meet Camilla before the party, so that they could get to know each other. It is reported that Prince William and Camilla talked for half an hour and seemed to get on well.

Queen Camilla's biological children and grandchildren all attended the Queen's State Funeral in a low-key manner.


In fact, the attitude of Crown Prince William and Prince Harry towards his stepmother Camilla may not be as alienated and embarrassing as the outside world imagined. Camilla's biological children Tom and Lola not only attended the Queen's state funeral in a low-key manner, William and Harry in 2006. She also attended the wedding of Camilla's daughter, and Camilla's granddaughter also served as a flower girl at William and Kate's wedding in 2011.

Prince Harry and Prince William at the wedding of Camilla's daughter Lola in 2006.


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