Lin Xiang's good figure was questioned.

(reproduced from Lin Xiang IG)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Lin Xiang, a member of the Chinese Professional Baseball Lotte Peach Ape cheerleading team, has captured a large number of fans because of his sweet appearance and devilish figure. Recently, old photos were dug up and caught in a "fake chest storm". Netizens compared the size of their breasts when they were students. There was a gap, and she was sour that "Long is too big!" In fact, her figure has been inspected by Linda, and now Shen Yulin has also certified "I have confirmed it is true".

Shen Yulin rehabilitated Lin Xiang on the show.

(reproduced from YouTube channel William Joy)

In the program "William Shen Happy Delivery", Shen Yulin cared about Lin Xiang's current situation: "Are you attacked by the sour people?" Lin Xiang immediately laughed and admitted, "Yes, I'm actually very tired, it's alright, I'm OK, Come out!"

Hearing about Lin Xiang, who was questioned by netizens, Shen Yulin rehabilitated Lin Xiang with surprising words, "I confirmed it to be true." Lin Xiang asked dumbfounded on the spot, "How did you confirm it?" Shen Yulin responded, "Because my assistant has touched it. , she said it was true."

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Lin Xiang admitted that being attacked by netizens was under great pressure, which caused hair loss and tinnitus, which made Shen Yulin feel distressed. She also shouted in the show that "the people of Xiang will continue to support her". She was still optimistic in the face of the controversy, and she also said that she came out. Yes, he was also generous in the show without being squeamish. The "William Shen" show created high traffic. 

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