After Kagawa Teruzhi's explosive sex scandal, his current work has almost stopped.

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[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Comprehensive report] The previous scandal of the villain of the Japanese drama "Naoki Hansawa" Kagawa Teru was not only cut by the TV station, but also many endorsements were removed. Netizens said that the work was "miserable like white paper"; recently, the Japanese media "Weekly Modern" reported , Kagawa, who has nowhere to ask for help, intends to move to South Korea for development, but there is no following.

Kagawa's actions are disgusting when it is revealed that she forcibly took off her public relations underwear, rubbed her breasts, forced kisses, and even beat up female staff. However, according to reports, Kagawa seems to have a lot of connections in South Korea, especially when he participated in the famous Korean director Bong Joon. Hao's short film "Tokyo Rhapsody: Swing Tokyo", the two seem to have a personal relationship.

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It is known that some TV station people still appreciate Kagawa's acting skills very much, and think that if he makes full use of his contacts in South Korea, it seems not difficult to enter the Korean film circle silently; there are also people familiar with the matter who say that Kagawa's only choice should not be in Japan, and if he succeeds in turning to South Korea Development may find a way out.

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