According to the BBC, the cancellation was caused by the indignation of the Polish public with Waters' position on the war in Ukraine.

At the beginning of September, he addressed an open letter to the wife of the President of Ukraine

, Alena Zelenskaya.

In it, Waters called to "stop the carnage" in Ukraine, specifically criticizing the West's provision of weapons to the Ukrainian army.

Waters called for an end to the "civil war in the east" and recognition of the "autonomy" of Donetsk and Luhansk (perhaps referring to the illegal formations of the "LPR" and "DPR").

In response, Zelenskaya noted on Twitter that it was Russia that launched a full-scale aggression against Ukraine.

After that, Krakow city council member

Lukasz Vantuch

called on people to boycott Waters' concert.

It was in Krakow in April 2023 that two Waters concerts were to take place.

Members of the city council prepared a draft resolution to declare Waters persona non grata in the city.

Voting was supposed to take place on September 28.

After the cancellation of the concert, the organizers refused to comment.

After Russia's large-scale invasion of Ukraine in February, the Polish government opened its borders to Ukrainian refugees.

According to the UN refugee agency, about 1.4 million Ukrainians received protection in Poland.