According to Chinese medicine, women can enlarge their breasts naturally through dietary supplements, traditional Chinese medicine, nourishing tea and acupoint massage.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Many women love beauty and keep losing weight, but the three layers of meat have not lost much, but their breasts are flat. Gao Citing, a Chinese medicine practitioner at Yangming Maguang Clinic, reminds that if you want to enlarge your breasts, you must never diet or have a partial eclipse. Weight loss and fat loss will result in insufficient nutrient intake and poor blood circulation, which will lead to significant reduction of breasts, disordered menstrual period and even hair loss. In fact, through dietary supplements, traditional Chinese medicine, nourishing and drenching blood tea and acupoint massage, women can enlarge their breasts very well. nature.

Gao Citing pointed out that according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the human body has two meridians that go through the chest, the first is the stomach meridian of Foot Yangming, and the other is the liver meridian of Foot Jueyin.

The breast belongs to the stomach meridian, and the nipple belongs to the liver meridian. Therefore, if you want to have a plump breast, the most important thing is: the gastrointestinal function must be kept in a good state, so as to fully digest and absorb nutrients. In addition, it is also necessary to check whether the personal nutrition is balanced or not, and secondly It is related to whether there is sufficient qi and blood, and whether the qi machine is smooth.

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Gao Citing said that if you want to have sufficient qi and blood, in addition to not being biased in terms of diet, you also need the "dredging function" of the liver meridian to operate smoothly to regulate the whole body's qi.

Simply put, it is to regulate our emotions, routine and stress.

So if you want to be healthy and beautiful, you must start with a balanced diet and regular work and rest in order to achieve the purpose of breast enhancement.

5 types of breast enhancement foods recommended

Breast enhancement recipes that have been circulated in the folk for a long time:

stewed pork feet with peanuts, boiled shrimps in wine, eggs in wine, and stewed ribs with green papaya. You can eat one to several times a week according to personal preference. However, eating green papaya alone does not have breast enhancement effect. After the meat is cooked, it is eaten with traditional Chinese medicines that nourish qi and blood, so that green papaya can indeed exert the effect of invigorating the spleen and stomach, and enhance the effect of tonic.

Consume hormone-rich foods:

pine nuts, soy milk, soy milk with soy flour for the advanced version, yams, eggs, nuts, pumpkin, cheese, sweet wine.

Women with adenomas, fibroids, hormones, etc., eat a small amount.

Supplementing collagen can make the skin firm and elastic without sagging:

bird's nest, chicken feet, pig skin, fish skin, fungus, beef tendon, pig trotters, eggs.

Foods that nourish qi and blood:

red dates, longan, wolfberry, brown sugar.

Zinc-containing foods:

oysters, walnuts, etc., rich in zinc is an important element in the production of hormones, which can promote the expansion of milk bubbles and thus have the effect of breast enhancement.

Oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine to promote blood circulation

Gao Citing pointed out that taking traditional Chinese medicine can help to adjust the stomach, clear the ventilation, and balance the endocrine to promote blood circulation.

For example: use Qiwei Baizhu powder to nourish the stomach meridian, add Xiaoyao powder to clear the liver, regulate the spleen, relieve stagnation, and at the same time invigorate qi and blood, and also have the effect of dredging. Ejiao, Eclipta, Polygonatum, Cistanche, Cyanophora and other single herbs.

In this way, all tissues and organs can be adequately supplied with nutrients, and the breasts will naturally be plump.

Breast enhancement and nourishing tea

One week before the menstrual period, or one week after the menstrual period is completely over, choose the following tea drinks with nourishing and dredging effects according to your personal constitution, and drink it every day for a week.

Women with adenomas, fibroids, hormones and other problems must discuss with a Chinese doctor before deciding to drink.

Hot constitution:

easy to dry mouth, oily face, acne, constipation.

● 3 grams each of cohosh, pueraria, yam, and tuckahoe.

● Bupleurum, Campanulaceae, Angelica, dandelion, medlar each 1.5 grams.

●One red date (cut and cut).

Flat/deficiency constitution:

prone to cold hands and feet, menstrual pain, and diarrhea.

●Astragalus, Atractylodes, Polygonatum, Cistanche 3 grams each.

● Angelica, Wang Buliu Xing, dodder, longan, and wolfberry each 1.5 grams.

●One red date (cut and cut).

Gao Citing said that when the breast is close to ovulation, it will be affected by estrogen and progesterone, and it will become more plump, and it will continue to return to its original size after menstruation.

Therefore, choosing to take supplements one week after the end of menstruation coincides with the ovulation period when the state of the human body "changes from yin to yang". At this stage, the activity of qi and blood in the human body is particularly vigorous. If appropriate drugs and acupuncture can be given during this period, the Make breast enhancement treatment more satisfactory.

12 acupoints help boost female hormones.

(Provided by Ma Kuang TCM Clinic)

Massage 12 acupoints to boost female hormones 

Acupuncture can dredge the liver and stomach meridians, stimulate the secretion of female hormones in the body, and achieve the effect of breast enhancement.

First press the acupuncture point to open the chest Qi machine: Tanzhong point.

Then press the acupoints around the chest: Shenfeng, Treasury, Wuyi, Yingchuang, Tianxi, Dabao, Rugen.

Finally, press the acupoints that unblock the stomach and liver meridians: Taichong, Zusanli, Fenglong, and Yanglingquan.

Before bathing and going to bed every day, press each of the above-mentioned acupoints 6 times for 5 seconds at a time, if there is a feeling of soreness, you can continue to massage even if you have a physiological period.

Gao Citing emphasized that traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine that seeks to “neutralize” the whole person, and breast enhancement in traditional Chinese medicine is to make the breasts grow as fully as possible and grow to their original size.

Oral administration of traditional Chinese medicine, combined with acupuncture and moxibustion, is a two-pronged approach. By improving physical fitness, unblocking meridians, and invigorating liver qi and nourishing qi and blood, combined with usual acupoint massage, ingesting balanced nutrition, not staying up late to sleep, maintaining adequate sleep and maintaining a good mood, This gives the opportunity to make the breasts grow again.

To achieve the effect of breast enhancement while becoming healthy is the ultimate goal of TCM breast enhancement.

Gao Citing, a TCM physician at Yangming Maguang Clinic.

(Provided by Ma Kuang TCM Clinic)

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