Fu Yuxiang said that the occurrence of colorectal cancer is not only genetic, but also closely related to diet. It is hoped that people will pay more attention to healthy diet in order to stay away from colorectal cancer. It is recommended to eat less processed foods such as sausages, because they often contain chemical additives, which are not harmful to the body. it is good.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Colorectal cancer has always been the number one cancer in Taiwan, and news of the death of celebrities at home and abroad due to colorectal cancer has also been heard from time to time.

In this regard, Fu Yuxiang, director of Xiangzhan Clinic, said that colorectal cancer is easy to be ignored due to the inconspicuous initial symptoms. If it is not detected by regular inspection, it may already be very serious and the treatment effect is not good. It is recommended to pay more attention to the choice of diet, and Share 6 kinds of foods that increase the risk of colorectal cancer, reminding the public to eat less.

Fu Yuxiang mentioned in the Facebook fan page "Your Chef and Physician Yuxiang Senior Medicine Internal Medicine New Bei Wugu Chengtai Long-term Care Health and Anti-aging Chronic Diseases Major" that the occurrence of colorectal cancer is not only genetic, but also closely related to diet. I hope people can pay more attention to diet. To stay healthy, you can stay away from colorectal cancer. It is recommended to eat less of the following dangerous foods, such as:

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Alcohol: A small amount of alcohol is pleasant. Excessive drinking is a risk factor for colorectal cancer. In medical terms, excessive drinking is limited to 2 units per day for men and 1 unit per day for women, and 1 unit equals 15 grams of alcohol. , about a 350ml can of beer or 40ml of whisky.

●Fried food: fried chicken, French fries, salty crispy chicken and other national delicacies are delicious, but it is not good to eat every day. It is recommended to control the number of times you eat each month.

●Barbecue food: The phenols produced by high-temperature barbecue are also risk factors for colorectal cancer. You may wish to rest after the Mid-Autumn Festival.

●Red meat: Beef, pork, lamb and other red meat can be eaten less. According to the British National Health Service (NHS) recommendation, the intake of red meat and processed meat should not exceed 90 grams a day, and it is recommended that it be less than 70 grams. Eat more fish and chicken, but pay attention to adding more vegetables is the most important.

●Processed foods: sausages, hams, hot pot ingredients, these processed foods often contain chemical additives, which are not good for health.

●Moldy food: Many people are afraid of waste. They think that after cutting the moldy part of the food, the rest can be eaten. In fact, the mycelium that is invisible to the naked eye has contaminated the food, and eating it is harmful to health.

Colorectal cancer high risk group

Fu Yuxiang said that people who are getting older, less exercise, have medical history, family history, poor eating habits, and smoking and drinking habits are all high-risk groups for colorectal cancer. It is recommended to have regular inspections. The current common inspection methods are:

Fecal occult blood test

: At present, the National Health Administration provides free fecal occult blood test once every two years for Chinese people over 50 years old and under 75 years old. Those who are eligible must go for the test.


: It is recommended that people over the age of 35 can start to arrange colonoscopy. High-risk groups should be followed up every 2 years, and low-risk groups should be followed up every 5 years.

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