Wen Cuiping posted a photo of wearing a one-piece swimsuit when she was young on the 25th, lamenting that she did not dare to wear a bikini at that time.

(Photo taken from Wen Cuiping's Facebook)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] The 51-year-old former middle sister Wen Cuiping once represented Taiwan in the Miss Universe World competition. She stepped into the entertainment circle with her beautiful and moving appearance. She had 2 marriages and she was very old, and she has been exposed for days. The publicity photos taken in the early years, and the swimsuit photos of the year were posted on the 25th, which is almost incompatible with the present.

Wen Cuiping posted a photo yesterday wearing a blue swimsuit. Strictly speaking, it was not a super sexy bikini swimsuit. In fact, it was a bit conservative, but she kept it until she was over 500, and she still remembered it.

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"Liannian this blue swimsuit that accompanied me on the international stage and in various magazines and media. At that time, I was too conservative to wear a bikini in my early 20s. Now I think about it, I regret it." During the peak period, he never left any bikini photos to commemorate.

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