Bella was absent from Gao Yixiang's bronze unveiling ceremony.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Male star Gao Yixiang unfortunately died unexpectedly on November 27, 2019 while filming a program in China. To commemorate Gao Yixiang's 38-year-old birthday, his family specially made a 1:1 bronze statue and chose it in His long-term resting place "Jinbaoshan Celebrity Pilin District" held the unveiling ceremony. Many artist friends were present, but he did not see his girlfriend Bella (Su Xianghan), who had been with him for 4 years before his death. lose your voice".

Bella updated her recent situation on IG, saying that she was so sick that she lost her voice.

(reproduced from IG) 

In the past few years, Bella will post a missive. Even on Gao Yixiang's birthday last year, he went straight to the cemetery as soon as he returned to Taiwan after the isolation. However, this year's bronze statue unveiling ceremony was absent. Two days later, Bella updated the current situation on IG and posted a picture A photo of the scenery, with the caption "I have been really sick in the past few days, completely lost my voice, and need a long and good rest physically and mentally... Re-adjust myself." 

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In fact, after Gao Yixiang's death, Bella was deeply involved in cyberbullying. Some netizens accused her of "consuming" Gao Yixiang many times, and even spread all kinds of insulting comments, such as "prostitute", "widow", "exposed photos posted on the Internet" She also issued a lawyer's statement for this, saying that she would face cyber bullying firmly, and said she believed that the law would give a fair account.

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