[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] Fukuhara Ai has been sharing the latest situation on Weibo for a while, but since the last post on August 13, she has been in a "hidden" state for a month and a half, and she has not seen any movement in the community. These few days She finally showed up, and the interview took place with a choked sob in Chinese. She once again asked the Chinese people for pictures. She also talked about how often she hadn't slept well in the past two or three years.

Due to lack of support from netizens in Japan and Taiwan, Ai Fukuhara turned her focus to China. This time she appeared mainly to participate in the 50th anniversary of the normalization of relations between Japan and China. She used Chinese to please the Chinese people: "I feel the National Day atmosphere and am very excited. I miss you so much, let's work together!"

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Ai Fukuhara said that she often had trouble sleeping at night in the past two years.

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Ai Fukuhara said that she was very moved by hearing some stories from the past. She could imagine that 50 years ago, there must have been many difficulties in the exchange between Japan and China. Fortunately, many elders worked hard to facilitate it. She said, "I hope to use my little strength to help China and Japan in the future. Do your best for friendly exchanges." She also asked for photos: "I miss my Chinese friends and family. During the most difficult times in the past two or three years, my Chinese friends gave me encouragement, and I want to return my gratitude to everyone."

In addition, Fukuhara Ai also choked up and mentioned: "I couldn't sleep at night for many days in the past two or three years. Fortunately, I survived. I believe many people can survive. Let's work together. I hope the epidemic will pass soon, and so can I. Meet everyone."

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