Dou Zhikong's eldest son had a fever, so he suspended the location and ran back to Hualien to explore the children.

(Photo taken from Dou Zhikong's Facebook)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Dou Zhikong and his wife Xu Shuwan have 2 sons, Dafu and Daren. He posted on the 24th that he was hosting the location program "Taiwan First Class" when he learned that the 5-year-old eldest son Dafu had an inexplicable high fever , Even though he was in Yunlin for a whole day, he stopped work and ran all the way back to Hualien to let his son know that "family is the most important thing".

Dou Zhikong posted that when he was recording the location in Yunlin, he received news that the child had an inexplicable high fever, so he rushed all the way back from Yunlin to Hualien, describing it as a flash mob. When he got home, the child was asleep but still had a high fever. Said that because of the epidemic, as a father, he was particularly worried, and he also thanked the team for their caring, allowing him to finish filming his part first.

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The next day, the eldest son "Dafu" got up and saw him and asked, "Why are you back?" Dou Zhikong said, "Because I'm worried about you, it's okay, you have to work hard, it's very hard to get sick." He also said that he was like a housekeeper, He kept reminding his son to drink more water and rest more. Fortunately, his fever subsided after a day due to the virus infection, and Dou Zhikong set off for the location again. Many netizens praised "the man who loves his family" after seeing it.

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